Preparing for School 

All of our pre-school sessions follow a similar format which include: Welcome, free play (with fixed activity), snack time, outdoor play, register, circle time and story time.  Children thrive and learn best when they are secure and following a routine every day is a key way to ensure that the children are settled and happy during their time with us.  This also helps to lay the foundations for learning and to prepare the children for a big step in their lives - starting school.

'Plus sessions'

In the year before our children will start primary school, they have the opportunity to attend special sessions in a dedicated room - which we call 'plus sessions' - These aim to further prepare our children for entry into school.  We offer 'plus sessions' 4 mornings a week, and all children attending on those mornings take part in the plus session.   Our children love attending these sessions, and our parents have strong praise for the learning and development of the children and close interaction offered as part of this.  Examples of some 'plus session' activities are:

  • Library - Each child is encouraged to independently choose a library book to take home for a week and to read with his / her parents. They take responsibility for choosing and returning the books each week
  • Interest table - At each session the children will be encouraged to bring in an item from home to display on the Interest table, either free choice or connected to a theme. These will be discussed during the session and the children are encouraged to learn to speak confidently in a small group environment
  • Physical Education - This could be balancing bean bags / 'pirate hoops' / different ways to cross the mat / musical statues etc.. in addition, at least one session per term will involve 'change for PE' where the children excitedly and proudly begin to learn to change themselves in readiness for school
  • Forest School - Our wonderful forest school is offered as part of our plus sessions.  See our Forest School page for more details