Our fantastic staff

We are exceptionally proud of our strong team at our pre-school.  We have 10 members of staff who work with the children, from a recent parents questionnaire a very clear outstanding attribute for pre-school were the staff who look after the children. The score for “the adults caring for the children” was exceptionally positive from ALL questionnaire respondents - We truly believe that this is one of the key strengths of our setting. 

One member of staff is qualified as an Early Years Teacher with 5 members qualified to Level 3 and two members to Level 2. The majority of staff have first aid training and regularly update their professional learning through attending Early Years Training courses. We also have a dedicated Senco Leader and Forest School Leader who both receive regular training updates within their field.

Our Pre-school Manager Jayne Robins, has been with Crowle Pre-School for many years, and is an Early Years Qualified Teacher.  Jayne loves working with the children, and staff alike to ensure that we are bringing out the best in all of the children who come to Pre-School.   Jayne is also the settings Designated Safeguarding Lead.

We operate a Key Person system - during your child's induction your Key Person will work closely with both child and parent to understand their needs and progress to date. Your Key Person will then help your child to settle in and ensures your child's learning and care is tailored to meet their individual needs. If more specialised support is needed the Key Person will liaise with the group Senco Leader. Records are kept using learning journeys incorporating tapestry software and regular liaison with parents/carers is maintained in both written and verbal forms.  

Pre-School Management Team

Crowle Pre-School is a charity, operated and managed by the Management Team; a team of volunteers who are ultimately responsible for the pre-school and its staff.  This is a group of parents /carers who deal with a variety of issues including employing staff and managing HR processes, managing pre-school finances, implementing government incentives/ initiatives and fundraising whilst ensuring the best interests of Crowle Pre-School are met.

Our Chair Person is Jenny Crawford, and there are 5 further members of the Pre-School Management Team.The Pre-school Management Team are also responsible for all of the policies including, Safeguarding, safer recruitment, SENCO, H&S etc.. Copies of all of our policies are available upon request.

Parental Involvement

It is well known that children learn better when their parents are involved in their early years setting.  At Crowle Pre-school we recognise you, the parents, as the primary educators of your children and value your support.  Parents are welcome to become part of our parent duty rota - This gives you a fantastic opportunity to see first hand what activities your child participates in at Pre-School. On duty you will have the opportunity to experience a Pre-School session, see your child within the setting and interact with them and others.  You will also prepare the snack and generally help out where needed. There is also the opportunity to help at Forest School subject to a DBS check.

You may also decide to join our Pre-School management team or help with fundraising events.